AMLA, Personal Data Act, Cybersecurity & Learn the Integrity from...

Event Description


a) Master the key information & update of AMLA, PDPA, Cybersecurity & Integrity.
b) Real life stories & case study
c) Interactive & Collaborative learning in comfortable environment


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Define what AMLA is, its different, methods, Know Your Client (KYC), compliance requirements, and latest updates (case study).
2. Identify what Personal Data Act is and how it affects our daily financial practice and life
3. Identify Cyber-Threats, its impacts and how to reduce or eliminate it.
4. Recognize the importance and benefits of being Integrity- “Code of Ethics”, learn from those who are a success by practicing it and employ it's in daily financial practice and life.
5. Translate those learned skills and knowledge into financial service practice that uphold the corporation’s and industry’s professional and compliance standard.

Participants should be able to:

1. Manage well their clients’ finance by better position and strategy to react positively to current issues and trends.
2. Manage their clients’ money, family, and life in a better control and balanced way.
3. Guide their clients to live life to the fullest and at the same time giving and helping those needed.

Who Should Attend :

a) Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders, Decision Makers who are committed to lead their team toward financial wellness and successful in career and life.

b) Financial Professionals who look for upholding their skills, professionalism and knowledge in order to serve their clients better. 


Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh No 6 Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said Ipoh, Ipoh 30450

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