Our story

Happens is just a solution to what we felt was needed; in consolidating and listing all the events and happenings regardless of its magnitude and location, so that more people could get out there and mingle. It's about the news of your event reaching its intended target audiences and getting the attendance and attention that is due.

The name is partially inspired by a phrase in a movie that states; It Happens; but by giving a positive spin to it by gathering the relevant when things do happen.

In this ever-growing, fast moving, tech-driven world that we are adjusting to, where everything is becoming virtual; Happens; will dedicate itself to promoting events and gatherings that will see people meet people once again.

Khun Kevip. S

Our Vision

Happens is simply a platform that is created to promote your and all event details and stories to the relevant individual, groups and to the masses. A portal that is to be dedicated to promotion of happenings in and around Malaysia (for now).

Chronology of the upcomings

  • ~ Event Images ( to be viraled via HAPPENS )
  • ~ Event Promo (POP-UP Booths @ Preffered Locations)
  • ~ Event Owner Posting & Editing
  • ~ Event Invites Via Text, Calls, Personal Registered Print Invite
  • ~ RSVP’s for Public & Private Event
  • ~ Ticket Sales