2020 World Congress On Integration and Islamicisation

Event Description

In 2013, the university has initiated and organised a well-attended first World Congress on Integration and Islamicisation of Acquired Human Knowledge, with the theme “the Need to Apply the Paradigm of Tawhid as an Alternative to the Secular Paradigm”.The second session of the same congress was held in 2016, with the theme “Incorporating Moral Values and Maqasid Al-Shari’ah into Medical and Health Care Practices”.

Each of these sessions of the Congress attracted more than three (3) hundred international and local speakers and presenters from Asia, Africa, America and Europe. More than 90 selected papers presented in 2016 session were published in SCOPUS journals, while the rest were published in non-Scopus journals.

The university has decided to hold the Third Session of the World Congress on Integration and Islamicisation of Acquired Human Knowledge (WCII 3), in March 2020. The theme of WCII 3, 2020 is “Incorporating Ethical Values and Maqasid Al Shariah in Sustainable Healthcare and Wellbeing”.

The organising committee hopes to bring about 300 presenters and participants to address certain aspects of contemporary medical and healthcare sciences, particularly areas of harm reduction and mental health. The proceedings of the Congress would be in Arabic, English and Malay-Indonesian languages.


Office of the Campus Director, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan Campus Jalan Istana Kuantan, Pahang 25200

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