Your HEALTH Is In Your BLOOD (Mandarin)

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Blood circulation plays a major role in our human metabolic function. It carries oxygen & nutrients to our body cells. It eliminates waste material & carbon dioxide from our body cells.

However, environmental pollution, emotional stress, fatty diet, aging may cause an increase in blood viscosity & therefore may cause congestion to our blood flow.

70% of adults are having peripheral circulation problems which may lead to heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure & many other chronic illnesses.

The common early symptoms include:

1) headache/migraine

2) fatigue /tiredness

3) sexual disfunction

4) body ache

5) frozen shoulder

6) leg cramp

7) trigger finger

8) insomnia ...  and the list goes on....

Unfortunately, many of us take it lightly until the illness becomes serious & to some, could be life threatening ie: heart related issues, diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson Disease, Alzheimer ....etc.

Our LIFE is in our BLOOD. Smooth blood flow depends on good peripheral circulations . 


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