Basic Internet of Thing Class Shah Alam

Event Description

In this workshop you'll learn how to connects Arduino, Things, Internet and Smartphone App to enable bidirectional flow of information between human (you) and things (sensors and actuators) and start making real-time decisions.

Internet of Things (IOT) has become tremendously hot topics among economists, as they said its empowering digital economy today. Most of the businesses have transformed their company methodology in following IOT trends and philosophy throughout their supply chain. Plus, most of the manufacturing company are shifting towards Smart Manufacturing as well as following the path of Industry 4.0.

Nowadays, as a career today becoming more challenging and competitive, most of the employers are looking for multi-skills employee, such as it will be great if a system admin could have Arduino or IOT skills, so he could do in-house development of his company server room monitoring, without paying any consultant to do it.

Lets prepare and help ourselves for future career by having sets of IOT skill, then we are able to help our company or institution to grow bigger with the needs IOT expertise. 


SACC Digital Planet 14/9 Jalan Perbadanan SACC Mall Shah Alam, Selangor 40000

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